Monday, May 7, 2012


This cycling enthusiast cannot get enough. If I am not riding, I am either writing about it, talking to anyone who will listen, on the computer looking at bikes, accessories, forums, blogs, tours and travelogues. Anything that is remotely related to cycling is of interest to me. I live, eat, sleep and poop bikes. If you ask my wife what I am all about she will tell you Bikes! Bikes! Bikes! When you are a bike-a-holic like me you can't have enough bikes. Today I was looking for a place to ride. I decided to ride 25 miles to check out some recumbents at Jersey Bent, Economy Bikes in Hamilton. I love my new Greenway and it fills 90% of my needs and wants but, it is almost impossible to transport on my small car and is a bit slow for club rides. With that in mind I decided to try a Rans Formula Le and Bacchetta Bella at the shop. Both bikes performed beautifully but the Formula won my heart and seemed pretty quick and a good climber. I didn't care for the sling mesh seat and would probably swap it out for the standard Rans seat. Look at me I am already buying the bike. Unfortunately I am in no position to buy a new bike. I am however, always looking for a good used one. Shhhh!, don't tell my wife but I have my eye on a sweet used Tour Easy. I have to get some help!


jeek said...

Welcome to the "don't tell the wife club" I'm probably elegible for the presidency!

Anonymous said...

Me too Marty! I had a blast doing the metric century last Saturday at the farmlands ride. It was great to meet another recumbent nut like me! I had a tour easy for 10 years! It was a great bike but perhaps the least comfortable on long rides of all 21 bents I have had becauuse most of your weight is on your butt. Even with the big comfy seat, you get "Recumbent Butt" after a while. Stick to a more laid back design that uses your back to support your weight more than your butt. Its more comfy over the long run. Anyway I sold my catrike Monday and am down to only my velomobile. I have a 2012 vortex+ coming soon..SHH dont tell the wife! Gary

Marty said...

Your a bad influence. Your encouraging my addiction.

Anonymous said...

Very nice scenery and pictures. Looks like fun. And, I promise not to tell your wife!