Friday, May 25, 2012

Getting Reacquainted With An Old Friend

I rode my ICE T today after almost 3 months and 1400 miles, since acquiring my Greenway. It was strange to say the least. The seat angle seemed too reclined. I felt like I had to strain my neck to keep my head up. The bottom bracket seemed excessively high. I was having trouble keeping my feet on the pedals. My leg muscles were like lead. I had trouble propelling myself forward. I was concerned for my plans are to take this bike on GOBA in 3 weeks. The Greenway is just too big to transport on my Hyundai Accent. To compound matters today's temps were in the low 80's with oppressive humidity. I was not feeling the love. This trike was the love of my life for the last 6 yrs and 20k miles.What happened?
I rode 7 struggling miles to a meeting. Then I rode 10 somewhat better miles to pick up some papers at work  I then road another 10 more enjoyable miles to the store. Finally the last 3 miles home were as I remembered my favorite ride to be
I am glad it only took 30 miles to be able to get reacquainted with my old friend.

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