Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Adventure Cyclist

Dennis Kuhn

I had the good fortune of meeting up with Dennis Kuhn. He was finishing up his trip from Bar Harbor, ME to Hamilton, NJ. A journey over 1,000 miles and 18 days of cycling bliss exploring New England's spectacular Fall foliage. I spotted Dennis outside of Englishtown stopped by the side of the road. He was using his phone GPS to hook up with his brother-in-law for his last 25 miles home. I offered my assistance for a scenic rural route to Hamilton. The pleasure was mine and the next 10 miles we talked and I lived vicariously through his adventures. We met up with his brother-in-law and bid farewell. It was a great beginning of a ride for me and I hope end for him. Dennis renewed my faith that I too will someday make that epic Adventure Cycling Journey.

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