Friday, October 12, 2012

ICE T Revisited

It's been a while since I have taken the ICE T out. In fact, outside of a test ride after I replaced the drive train in June, it has been collecting dust in the garage. I was concerned I forgot my flag. It turned out to be a non issue as tadpole trikes inherently get a wide birth from cars. 3 miles after the video was taken the weather turned ugly. The sky became grey, the winds picked up and the temperatures dropped. When I got home the skies began to clear but the wind and cold remained. The Streamer fairing offers great protection from wind, rain and cold and I have decided to keep it on all yr long. The trike is a pleasure to ride. It is the most stable and relaxing ride of all my bikes. Not having to worry about balancing at slow speeds or being buzzed by cars is great. I love that I can easily get to my phone for a call or pictures. It's great for tours as you always have a seat at the campground. It is not as fast as my Stratus and requires more leg effort to ride. If I want to ride 50+ miles the Stratus is my bike of choice. If I want to be mindless when it comes to cars the trike is it. It was great getting re-acquainted with my ICE T and it will be seeing a lot more of me.
Please enjoy the video and forgive my amateur quality.


Anonymous said...


Nice video!
What type of pedals are on your Ice T?
They look nice and flat. Something I'm looking for, for my HP Velotechnik Gekko FX.

I live in Florida but born and raised in Jersey City, I read your blog everyday and love it!

Dan (

Marty Garnick said...

Hi Dan,
Thanks for reading my blog.
Just got home from camping weekend, NICE!
I use Odyssey Triple Trap pedals on all my bikes. They are old school BMX pedals and are not in favor with most. They have been referred to as shin busters. They are also heavy. I like them because they have a very wide platform and my shoes stick like glue to them. Most of the new BMX pedals will due the same. These pedals have worked for me for over 10 yrs so I am reluctant to change. Florida is a far cry from Jersey City. Cycling should be great down there. The Gekko is a great trike. Have fun and enjoy the ride