Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Back To Business

GOBA is gone and it's back to life as I know it. The past few days have been dog days of summer and I love it. I have been riding the Stratus since my return. It's a great bike to soak up those long endless country miles. I have been toying with the idea of selling my Greenway.  I had my Honey-Do-List and decided to take the Greenway for an extended ride and then to the store to fulfill the list. It was a beautiful day, not quite as hot. I took my time and enjoyed the scenery. The Greenway like all trikes has a relaxed ride with no concerns from approaching cars. I did 37 miles before reaching the stores. I picked up dog food, a case of club soda and other miscellaneous items for a total of 65 lbs. You can't carry that much weight on just any bike. I am always a big hit outside the store and have a lot of admirers. I must say I do like the attention. Another 4 miles home and I feel good. I have a GOBA friend who is interested in purchasing my bike. The Greenway is not an easy bike to replace. You will not find it on Craigslist. It's a special order and one of a kind. I tend to have sellers remorse and after today's ride I think I'll keep it. (sorry JJ).
Pretty as a picture

Rest stop



Kimberly said...

Why would you ever sell it?

Marty said...

Haven't been riding it much, but that will change.

Unknown said...

Jerseypedaler! i've followed your blog for a few years! can you guide me where to post? on the internet to sell my terratrike tour.

i dont do as many miles as you and recently I'm now doing flying lessons.