Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Made Up My Mind

I decided to take the trike to GOBA. It's 3 point stance makes it sure footed in bad weather. The fairing is great for windy days and offers excellent coverage in the rain. One thing for certain if you don't like Ohio's weather just wait a few minutes. In addition GOBA days are only 50-55 relatively flat miles. You can't help but get up early and start your ride before 8 am. Many riders are back by noon. The trike is a slower, more relaxed ride. I see no reason to hurry back. Having a comfortable place to sit after the ride in camp or town is another benefit of the trike. I am a bit of a celebrity riding the trike and in all honesty I kind of like being in the spot light. With all that in mind I have been trying to get some extra miles in on the trike.  I was hoping for a few hundred miles, but severe weather reduced it to just over 130. I just finished a 51 mile ride on this beautiful, breezy day. It was a walk in the park or should I say ride and I hardly noticed the wind. I worked on the trike last week and replaced the tires with new Schwalbe Tryker tires. Nice! All is good and I'm excited to go.

Commute to work

Today's ride

New Tryker tire next to old Marathon Racer

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