Friday, June 14, 2013

Goin To GOBA

My bags are packed I'm ready to go. I decided to do it the hard way. That is I'll be doing the tour self-contained. I always felt GOBA was a good place to test the waters for self-contained bike touring. The days are not long and the terrain is gentle. I packed my panniers today and went out for a 22 mile test ride. 3 miles into the ride it began to rain. Not heavy but a steady rain non the less. The fairing was fantastic keeping my lower body dry. I was doing a steady pace and getting plenty of room from cars. The few major hills were no more challenging than without the added 35 lbs. 12 miles into the ride my rear derailer cable snapped. SHIT! To make matters worse my chain began to skip. I thought I had stretched the chain. I was fortunate to be able to limp the 10 miles home. I brought the bike to my mechanic. He replaced the cable and checked the chain. It was not stretched just a bad link. $21 dollars later and all is good. I'm glad I took that trial run. Don't want to break down on tour. In spite of the drama my average speed was not too far off. As always I am excited to meet up with my old friends and make some new ones. See ya in a week.

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Big S said...

Hi Marty! Big S here. Great to meet you today while you were on GOBA. We were kinda shocked to see so many riders on our daily ride. Usually we see about a half dozen but today we had to see several hundred. Thanks again for taking the time to say hello and talk about trikes with some of the choir. Max and Julie also say hi. Hurry back to Ohio when you get the chance, I hope your week is very enjoyable!