Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Head Gear

I finally broke down and bought a new helmet. I am 15 years past due. I know you should replace your helmet every few years. The truth of the matter is I don't wear one unless riding an event. My favorite lid is my assortment of Walz Caps. Not much protection except from the sun. I spent more than 7 years riding tadpole trikes. I was so low to the ground the only place to fall was up. If I got run over by a vehicle I don't think I want to know about it. With the Stratus, I am low and laid back and don't expect much head trauma. On an upright, you are high and bent forward and a fall to the head is likely. There is the mushroom head fashion statement, helmet hair, hot head and just plain uncomfortable. So what changed my mind? 2 things I suspect. My born again cycling son. "Dad I don't know how you can ride without a helmet". The other is I am getting a lot older and maybe beginning to feel my mortality. Whatever the reason(s), I am determined to wear it. The good news is helmets have come a long way in comfort. I did try a few major brands and found the one size fits all doesn't fit my pea brain. I did find Specialized brand to be a bit smaller. I will miss my brightly orange colored Giro Helios, but the new Specialized Align, yellow/lime safety ion is a comfortable fit and a welcomed edition to my stable.
With Walz cap underneath

Helmet hair
Boy do I need a shave

My favorite Giro Helios, retired

My first real helmet

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