Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Riding In The Rain

I went for a 30 mile ride on the Greenway planning to stop after for some errands. 10 miles out I noticed the skies darkening. It wasn't long before light rain started falling. Fortunately, it was quite warm and no signs of lightning. I continued riding as did the rain, only now it was more steady. It was never really an issue unless heading down a hill when things got a bit chilly.  Trikes are a good platform for keeping cars at bay, especially the Greenway with it's massive presence. I rode another 20 miles and was just too wet to stop at the store. I'm sure people thought I was nuts but actually it wasn't that bad. I wouldn't purposefully go out in the rain but getting caught in it doesn't necessitate early termination.

Sopped under a bridge

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