Friday, February 7, 2014

Dare to Ride

With all the snow, ice and slush the only bike I feel comfortable riding is my Greenway. I am planning a major tour next month and will be taking my ICE T. I need to get some miles in so my legs won't be in culture shock. Today I dared take the T. Temps right around freezing, light winds and bright sunshine. Roads were narrow from plowed snow with little to no shoulder. Still many patches of ice, slush and water, not to mention humongous potholes. Salt along the sides only adds to bike destruction. I was surprised to see one other cyclist on his CF racer. I can't imagine riding anything but a trike or at least some form of fat tired bike on these treacherous roads. It was a slow 40 miles and the bike performed well. My biggest issue was cold feet in spite of the fairing. Any miles in this weather is good but I'm hoping for some more training miles on my T.

Slush and ice

Potholes anyone

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