Saturday, February 22, 2014

Last Ride/Blog Post

I managed just under 40 miles on today's ride. Temps rose to mid 50's, bright blue skies, and reasonable winds. All that melting snow made the air feel colder than the thermometer reading. Initially I rode around the neighborhood with the bike packed for the trip just to get a feel. The trike handled well, not grossly heavy or encumbered. I was tempted to ride 20 miles loaded but feared these grossly battered roads might due damage to the trike. I returned home, unloaded the trike and out again. It was just too beautiful a day not to get a good ride in. The roads were as expected, rivers of melting snow and riddled with potholes. It was slow going at times but felt so good to finally get out.
This is my last ride before I leave. I don't believe I will be able to blog on my trip. I will, however, post short blurbs and pics to Facebook. If your interested in how I fair please follow me on Facebook.

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