Friday, March 21, 2014

2 Spring

If you want to call upper 40's with gusty winds Spring, then today was the second day. I new it was going to be windy but it was forecasted for 10-12. As it turned out it was more like 20. My plan was to do a 40+ miler and enjoy the bright sunshine. There was no place I had to be. 16 miles into the ride I met up with my friend Bob.  We started talking about my trip and before I new it about an hour had passed. Bob and I ride the same roads regularly and met about a year ago. We just seem to connect and enjoy our little on the ride chats. If I want to get back in a timely manner I have to wave hello and not stop. He is the one guy who understands my obsession. After our chat the winds picked up and time passed. I scaled the ride back to 36 miles. A very pleasant day indeed.

My friend Bob

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