Wednesday, December 31, 2014

End Of Year

I didn't ride today. Just too damn cold! So I played in the garage with my bikes. I took the ICE T out for a spin around the block. This was my main ride all year and I never noticed how sloppy the steering was. I tightened the head sets and all was good again. What's not so good is how upright the seating is compared to the laid back Expedition. I put 200 miles on the Expedition and it is much more comfortable.  Still looking for things to do I decided I would not be riding the ICE much so I removed the fairing. It makes it a lot easier to get on and off the trike and for transport. I then took each trike for short spins up and down the block comparing and concluded how much I will enjoy my new ride. For shits and giggles I weighed each bike and found they are surprising the same 40 lbs after all is said and done. After tweaking the head rest that I don't seem to use I decided to leave well enough alone. I'm now in the process of reviewing my stats for the year. I will publish them later as I know Google will not lose them.
2014 was the year of the "Selfie", so here's one from yesterday.

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