Tuesday, December 23, 2014

New Kid In Town

Picked up my new Made In America Catrike Expedition and it's a beauty. It is sleek, sophisticated and cries sexy. The burnt orange glistens in the light. I was only able to do a few laps around the block yesterday but it screams push me hard. Today's weather drizzly so no getting this baby dirty, at least not yet. I spent the day in the garage tweaking handle bars, fender, rear rack and computer.  I may not be able to ride, but I can still play. I spent a good amount of time adding an old rear rack I had laying around. It's very light and will work for a trunk bag and light touring. I secured it to the head rest and it is spot on level. The jury is still out on the head rest. I bought the Arkel bags that fit in the frame and they are sweet and sleek. I did not purchase front fenders as I want to keep it lean and mean, but that may change. I have to get out and ride to see what works and whether to add or take away.
Catrike is extremely well engineered with attention to detail. They provide one of the best values in the trike market and come with higher end components. The 10 speed Sram drive chain is nice. Standard accessories include bash guard, front light mount, computer sensor, mirror and mount, head rest, rear fender and even clipless pedals. My only complaint is the cheap PlanetBike fender, but, Laurence of JerseyBents was kind enough to swap it out. For me these are necessities not accessories.  The other big boys give you nothing at a great expense. As much as I love ICE, a comparable Sprint 26 is over $1k more and still does not include those same accessories.  It may be engineered in England but it's made overseas.
I tend to romanticize my new bikes so the true is the test of time. If I enjoy it half as much as my ICE T I will be one happy camper.
Now all I have to do is ride.
The pics below were taken in my garage and do not nearly reflect it's beauty.
In Showroom 

Ride home
Better Fender

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DPSIG said...

Glad to help u pay for this new Cat, I see ur still partial to orange. I hope u do GOBA, we'd (Sam) love to see ya. Who Knows maybe Sam will be equally equipped with a Cat. For me, Ill just have to set back in my cargo trike content to watch your guys zoom down the road !
have about 709 miles on the Greenway, got my first flat Monday, a piece of glass , rear drive wheel side. Neighbor picked me up, fix it at home. First time i've dropped the rear drive wheel out. it took two set of hands to put it back in.
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year tou u & your family _jj