Friday, December 12, 2014


This is my first day out in 5 days. It's been cold, windy, rain and snow. Forecaster's promised above freezing temps and sunshine and I was excited to get out. Well they got it half right with mid 30's and grey skies. The sun did manage to come out but my ride was near over.
Tomorrow I have an appointment with JerseyBents to test ride some new trikes. I sold my Stratus and Greenway with plans on buying a utilitarian trike that folds for travel. For some unknown reason I have developed a need for speed and now am looking at some faster trikes. Fortunately, Laurence stocks all the trikes I'm interested in and more. I will be concentrating on Catrike as they fill all my needs, are made in America and are a great bang for the buck. Tomorrow promises more sunshine and mid 30 temps, not the best climate to test ride, but it will have to do. I already cancelled once due to inclement weather and Catrike is running an end of year sale. They are offering my favorite color and $200 off. Can't beat that!

Sun finally coming out.

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