Friday, March 13, 2015

Sanity Restored

With a break in the weather I have been able to string some rides together. 3 days a go I got out for a 40 miler with temps in the upper 50's. I was able to shed all my Winter clothes down to just a long sleeve shirt. The quick melting snow made for a very sloppy ride. The replacement rear fender on my ICE T is too short and I had water running up my neck. Dodging puddles and potholes was foremost. Yesterday I added some foam, extending the fender, which seemed to work. The weather, although sunny, was cooler and quite windy, gusting up to 28 mph. Still nice but it was a much slower ride.  I cut it down to 35 miles as my legs were very tired. The roads however, much drier. Today is cool with temps in the upper 30's to 40's, winds below 10 mph and very sunny. It will be back to Winter wear. After 49 days, I will finally be taking the Expedition. My plan is for an easy 35.
Sloppy roads with potholes

Fender remedy
An update, I just got back and it was such a nice day I added another 5 miles to make it 40.
I'm really liking the new Kojack tires, fast and smooth. Notice the quality rear fender. 41 degrees, sunny and not too windy,
Quality fender and very pretty trike

Kojack tire, fast and smooth

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