Thursday, January 7, 2016

I Can't Believe

I'm saying this, but I am really enjoying my Fuji. I have become quite complaisant doing the same roads with the same trike. Initially I was just looking for a change but, I have now taken this bike out 4 of the past 7 days.  I took the bike on a couple of very cold days because I knew they would be short rides. The one 38 mile ride I did back in December left me quite sore and I know it will take some time to re-acclimate. Today's ride was around town for errands and then for pleasure finishing with an easy 28. In spite of no padded shorts my butt is fine and I only have a minor neck ache. My speed is 1-2 mph faster than the trike. I very much enjoy having only 1 wheel track as apposed to 3. Although it is a bit heavy by today's standards it is much lighter than my trike and a benefit when climbing. I have been looking at Montague's full size folding bikes and was most interested in mixing things up with their Mt bike but after trying one I find I am better suited with a Hybrid. I have no idea where this is going but for now I'm enjoying the ride. Who knows I might even use this bike for my birthday ride.
Today's 28 miler

Christmas Eve Day 38 miler only 66 degrees

Update: The next day I pedaled 36 miles with padded underwear and my butt is sore!!!
              I need a new seat or less miles.

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Tom Kepler said...

I replied to your comment about the Navigtor on my blog--and thought I'd check out your blog! Regarding Montagues, here is a link for a couple touring with Montague folding bikes:

The most favorite bike I've ever owned was an old Fuji MB, a Thrill. It just went down the road (or trail) almost without effort. It got so rusty, though, that I gave it to my son because he didn't have a bike. I thought there was just too much rust and wear to try to make it like new.

I think I'll sign up for your email subscription. Maybe you can do the same for mine. That way we'll get stories about riding in different parts of the country.