Thursday, December 31, 2015

End of Year Thoughts

Another fantastic riding year, 6,560 miles, WOW!  I wasn't sure I was going to break 6k but retiring early helped. More time means I don't feel the need to get long rides in when I can. I suspect the new year will bring more days to pedal but less daily averages. I've cleaned house and only have 2 bikes of which my ICE T gets 99.9% of my time. It is my forever bike and if something should happen, it will be replaced.  There are times when the trike doesn't work and I am looking into getting a non-recumbent Mt or Hybrid bike. The new bike will have to fold for easy storage when we travel. I don't want it hanging off the back or on top of my car. For that reason I am looking at Montague folding bikes. They are full size and ride like real bikes. I am looking forward to changing things up by doing some light trail riding and my new bike should be just the ticket. My passion for cycling is still strong but I sometimes push myself more for health than for fun. As much as I enjoy using my bike for errands those areas are highly congested and as I age, I become more fearful. I understand more now why people only ride trails. I still prefer road riding and the ability to ride loops over out and back on trails. My plan is to still ride my age in the upcoming weeks and my mileage to be more than respectable for the year. I'm not sure what tours lie ahead, might even try a bikepacking trip in the woods. I will probably do GOBA as it's always easy, fun and economical. I'm hoping to spice things up just not sure how exactly. For now I'll just keep pedaling and look forward to what 2016 brings.

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