Wednesday, January 27, 2016

To Thine Own Self Be True

I've been "Jones'n" for a ride. It's bad enough it's Winter and dealing with temps of 20 degrees but 2 feet of snow. The last few days have been agonizing. Fortunately, temps are above freezing and I was able to get 12 miles yesterday and 26 miles today. I had my share of horn honking assholes today and I had to fight for my piece of blacktop but it was so worth it. I do feel better and yes I have been riding my Fuji. There is something to be said for high seating and being able to see over snow mounds. Having single track is a plus when navigating through slush. I also didn't feel like dealing with all that water on my clean new trike drivetrain.
Since riding my Fuji more and my trike less I feel like a man without a country. I can't very well talk about how great it is riding an "upwrong" in a recumbent group so I joined a couple more general cycling groups on FB and to help deal with Winter Woes. One of the groups is specific to NJ and I thought it would be fun to connect locally. There is not much happening and one main contributor likes to tell me how I'm dressed wrong and I should invest in more technical clothing. I don't suspect I'll be hearing from him again. The other group is supposed to be more about the fun part of cycling which I thought was a great find. There are some recumbent riders but it seems most participants are "hammerhead roadies". I don't ride 20 mph for 60 miles, measure my output in watts or power meters, put my bike on my car drive 20 miles to a trail or barrel down a mountain but I respect those that do. I was thinking of starting my own group but I suspect I would be the only one in it. I very much enjoy my FB groups but sometimes social media is just another platform for self righteousness.
That being said I think I'll just ride my bike.

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