Monday, February 1, 2016

Annual Birthday Ride

It has become a tradition since my 50th birthday that I ride my age. I allow myself the month to accomplish the ride. January is a harsh month with not only cold and wind but snow. My trike was laid up for awhile waiting on a part so I started riding my Fuji road bike. It rekindled that childhood excitement and I have been riding it most of the month. It seems to work better in the cold and sloppy roads from melting snow. My rides have been many but on the shorter side as I have to get reacclimated to this type of bike. After all, I have exclusively been riding recumbent bikes and trikes for more than 16 years. I went out on the last day of the month with plans of doing 35 miles which has become a lot for me this time of year. It was unseasonably warm and at the 18 mile mark I decided today would be the day for my epic ride. I texted my wife and let her know I would be late getting back. I was quite concerned as my longest ride on the Fuji was 35 miles and I was very sore. I was also unprepared and only had 1 small bottle of water, no snacks and no money. My meal for the ride was a bowel of cereal. At 40 miles I began getting concerned but decided to put it out of my mind and forge ahead. I took short breaks every 12-14 miles and updated my wife leaving the part out that I was ill prepared. Every year I have to add miles to my birthday route and this year's last 8 miles was a couple of extra climbs on roads with no shoulder and impatient drivers. I paid special attention as I was tired and weak. My mantra at times like this is, "it ain't over till it's over" and don't be a statistic. Well I made it home safe and happy I was able to accomplish another year. My wife prepared a gourmet meal and even a brownie cake to celebrate my accomplishment.

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Erwin said...

Many congratulations on both the ride and your birthday! I hope many more of both will follow.

Many greetings,

Erwin and Tante Lies (my Strada)