Monday, October 1, 2007


This has become my favorite ride. It is made by Inspired Cycle Engineering in the UK. It is called a Tadpole trike as it has the 2 wheels in the front. This is my 3rd trike and by far the best. It is a touring trike and sits higher off the ground with a wide stance allowing greater stability. It has rear suspension which smooths out the ride. I equipped it with fenders, rack, small side panniers, dual mirrors and have added battery operated rear speakers and an MP3 player. I have also become quite the mechanic and have upgraded my drive chain with gearing more suited for me. To date I have 4,000 miles with the original Scoorcher TR tires. I love these tires, made by Greenspeed and hope to get another 1000 before retiring.

There is no turning back once you rediscover cycling and then venture into the weird world of recumbents. Once you try a trike, you develop an unyielding addiction. It takes a few months to develope your bent legs and then your off. Recumbents, especially trikes weight more than most regular bikes, but the added comfort is well worth the trade off. They say bents can't climb. That is so untrue. You just have to gear down. Trikes on the other hand are the best climbers. If you get tired on a hill you can stop rest and restart. You can go as slow as you want and not tip over. People fear you are too low to the ground and cars can't see you. A flag is a definite and because you are such an oddity, cars tend to give you a wider berth.

If you are a hammerhead into speed then trikes are not for you. They are about as a fast as a MT bike with smooth tires. If you like to stop and smell the roses and have extreme comfort then I highly recommend.

Since rediscovering cycling 20 yrs ago I use my car less. I take my trike to the store, doctors, my son's house and just about anywhere weather permitting. I ride all year except in rain if possible and extreme cold weather. Sometimes I don't use my car for days. It is a great way to get some fun, exercise, and serene quiet time.


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