Friday, October 19, 2007

Tires for my Trike

I have over 4100 miles on my Scorcher TR's and it's time to replace them. The Scorchers have been great with only 1 flat, but, at $36 ea plus shipping, they are quite expensive. I opted for Tioga Comp Pool which I had on my old Greenspeed. Both have treadless design and a supper soft ride. In fact Greenspeed copied the Tioga design advocating these as the best rolling resistance tire for trikes. The Tioga's do not have a kevlar belt as the Scorchers. I am not a flat prone rider so I don't expect more flats with the Tioga's. At $60 shipped for 3 tires it's a good deal. I am considering the Schwalbe Big Apple for the rear. Again, an expensive tire.

Being home unable to ride on this rainy day is not good. I wind up searching the web for cycling items. Not only did I buy the tires, but, I bought a pair of winter cycling pants for $100.
I will give an update as the tires and pants arrive.


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