Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A Transitional Day

Finally after not riding for a week, I was able to get out for my favorite 50 miler. Weather prediction warm in the 70's and winds up to 20mph with showers late in the day. Nothing worse than wind and rain. I new that a bad day of riding was far better than a good day at work. At 9am it was warm and sunny, so I put on my favorite cycling clothes, tank top, shorts, and sneakers. I brought my light rain jacket to ward off the evil spirits. I decided I was going to enjoy the ride and not push it. Slow and steady wins the race. The 1st half of the ride was against the wind. I just geared down and took my time taking in the change of seasons. The leaves are changing and falling. After about 7mi I was in the groove, taking in the sent of fall. I love the feel and sound of acorns popping under my tires. At one point the leaves were swirling and it was like a kaleidoscope of colorful gigantic snow flakes. In years past I use to dread fall. Short days and cold weather. Today I embrace the changing seasons and look forward to new cycling adventures ahead.

35 miles into the ride I was stopped by a charming couple. The wife who had difficulty riding a 2 wheeler bike was in the process of purchasing a recumbent trike. She was looking at a Greenspeed GT3. I of course, tried to talk her into an ICE T. They needed foldability and a small size to fit her. After a half hour chat I said the GT3 would make a great trike. I could talk forever about recumbents, but alas, I still had to finish my ride before the rain hits.

The last 15 miles the wind maintained, but, it was now at my back. I finished the ride just short of my normal average. The sun was still shinning. As I sit here sipping wine, writing this blog, I can't help felling blessed for this day.

I no longer dread the short days of fall and winter, but, look forward to the new inspiring adventures ahead.

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