Friday, October 26, 2007

Update on Tioga Comp pool tires

I just received my Tioga tires and mounted them on my ICE T. There is nothing like new tires to make your vehicle shine. Fall is here and winter will be arriving and all that extra ruble on the road. I probably could have got another 900 miles but, decided not to chance it. I chose these tires for price and smooth soft ride. They are treadles slicks which offer the least rolling resistance. A plump tire at size 1.75 but, are probably closer to 1.50. These tires have been known to have the fastest and best ride according to RCN magazine, BMX and Ian Sim's of Greenspeed. I first enjoyed them on my now sold GS GTO. I couldn't believe how great they were compared to my bullet proof Kenda Quest's.

At over 4100 miles on my Scorcher TR's, I still had some dimple left. These are some great tires and I have had only 1 flat. Excellent rolling resistance, easy on off mounting and great ride. The Scorchers are rated at 100psi. This is too high for a comfortable ride. I found the best pressure to be between 65-70 with no lose in average speed. Trikes are a different breed. Your weight is distributed between 3 tires requiring a lower tire pressure without compromise.

So why did I not replace with the same wonderful tires? Price! Geenspeed knew the Tioga comp pool's were a great trike tire and I believe they wanted to capitalize on it by making there own. GS makes some of the best trikes and accessories and are devoted to there customers. I admire that and do not fault them for making a profit, but at twice the price.

Both brands are made in Taiwan and appear to have the same rubber compond and compare in ride quality. I chose the TR's(thorn resistant) over the regular Scorcher for the kevlar belt which might account for my 1 flat. My Tioga's do not come with a kevlar belt. I am not flat prone so I don't expect a problem. Having used Kenda Quest tires on my other bikes I am not use to replacing tires annually. Tiogas at half the price of Scorchers make it more palatable.

The true test is time and there is no hurrying that.
At least I am enjoying the ride.

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Anonymous said...

Way to go on those tires Dad! My coworkers at the library are impressed. What's next? See you tomorrow.