Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Goodnight Irene

Fallen tree with down power line in my neighborhood

Another view

What my streets look like

What the rural roads look like
Hurricane Irene came and went leaving reminders that she had been here.  Because of the expected devastation I had to spend the night at work in case there was a need of evacuation.  I slept on the floor on a mattress with 3 other colleagues.  It reminded me of a cheap Budget motel.  All in all we laughed and had fun like kids in camp.  My wife called me at 3 am Sunday to let me know we lost power.  I anticipated that and was fortunate enough to hook up the generator from my RV to my basement sump pump.  My wife transferred our food to the RV refrigerator.  When I got home Sunday at 8 pm all was well but still no power.  Monday was a beautiful day for riding but there was major cleanup that needed to be done.  Monday night about midnight the power was restored.  I got up early to do more maintenance and then it was time for a ride on this gorgeous day.  As things would have it 2 miles from home I got a flat.  Fortunately, it was the front right tire on my trike.  So much for Schwalbe's puncture resistant tires.  It was a quick repair and I finished the ride with 36 miles.  From the above pictures you can get some idea of what Irene left behind.  Fenders came in handy on some still semi flooded roads.  I gave directions to 3 motorists detoured due to closed flooded roads.  I am very grateful that we had minimal damage and my heart goes out to those less fortunate.  

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