Saturday, March 2, 2013


I joined a new bike club as my old club has been struggling for years. Today seemed like a good day to try a group ride with the new club. Temps in the low 40's, light winds and no threat of rain. The ride start was just 6 miles from home. I would never put my bike on my car for a 25 mile ride. I expected to be the only recumbent but I new I was in trouble when all riders were sporting carbon fiber bikes. This was an all pace, cue sheet ride. Everybody starts together and you gravitate to riders in your class. The ride meandered through my neighborhood so if things didn't work out I could jump off at any time. Things started OK but I soon found myself sucking wind trying to keep up with the pack. The only other slower rider was miles behind me. Riding alone with the q-sheet seemed to negate any socialization I expected from a club ride. 6 miles into the ride and I no longer was having fun. The group turned right and I went straight. Hasta la vista baby. A few miles down the road I meet up with Bob, another loan rider. We chatted a while and I rehashed my club experience. Like me he finds club rides restricting. It was nice to know another shared my feelings.  Maybe when things warm up there will be a greater variety of riders, until then O SOLE MIO.

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