Tuesday, March 26, 2013

How I Ride

My favorite day to ride is when the sun is bright and  there is no place I have to be. Unfortunately, with life's obligations, they are far and few between. That is one reason why I equip all my bikes with racks, fenders and bags. I like to take care of as many things by bike as I can. After a nice leisurely ride I don't want to have to stop at home and regroup for a trip to the store. I prefer to incorporate my errands into the ride. I do try to get my ride in first and run my errands on the way back. I have been known to carry quite a bit of weight. People sometimes ask me what I carry in my bags. Most often they are empty except for minor tools for road repairs. I find the weight and drag of bags inconsequential. The benefit of having the available room is priceless.
Leisurely ride


More goats

Errand 1

Errand 2

Errand 3

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