Thursday, March 14, 2013

Back to Winter

We have been having some nice weather lately but today it was back to the cold, windy, chill of winter. There was even some snow flakes flying. To be safe I put on my balaclava and 2 pair of gloves. No point in taking any chances. Winds where out of the northwest at a screaming 25 mph. Seemed like a good day to take the ICE T. It's low height and fairing help it cut through the air. I didn't expect to see any cyclists and I was surprised to catch, or should I say passed by 2 hammerheads heading into the wind. It wasn't long before I saw them heading back in the opposite direction. I did my circular route of 28 miles but decided I could handle a few more and headed to the store. Having the side pods on my ICE T allows me to do last minute shopping. I am happy to get in 33 miles today and look forward to warmer days.

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