Monday, May 13, 2013

2 or 3 Wheels

My favorite ride of late is my Stratus. I have neglected both the Greenway and ICE T. GOBA is coming up next month and I am undecided whether to take 2 or 3 wheels. With that in mind it seemed like a good day to get reacquainted with my ICE T. Whenever I get back on an old ride it immediately feels strange, but after 5-10 miles all things are right again. Today's 40 mile ride on this 50 degree blustery day felt more like Fall than Spring but that is another story. The fairing on this bike is perfect for such weather. It helps with head winds, is not affected by cross winds and offers superior protection from cold and rain. A good thing when you consider Ohio's weather. They say, If you don't like it just wait 5 minutes. Another great benefit is having a comfortable chair to sit in after the ride at tent city or at the towns events. It also provides a stable platform for taking pictures while riding. The Stratus is faster and extremely comfortable on long tours. GOBA is a pretty laid back tour with only 50 mile days and relatively flat. You can't help but get up early as the tent zippers start flying at 4 am. You get back early enough so why rush. I don't mind the longer shower lines. I meet some of the nicest people there. I have taken the Stratus and ICE T on GOBA in years past. Both are great rides. Whatever I decide, it will surely be a great trip.

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