Saturday, May 4, 2013

Day's Past

Today was reminiscent of what I use to call my "Bike Weekend". The first weekend in May was set aside for 2 cycling events. Saturday I would do a century ride with my old cycling buddies on Central Jersey Bike Club's Farmlands Event. It is the club's big annual ride that draws in 500-1,000 riders from the tri-state are. Then Sunday I would do the NYC 5 Boro Bicycle Tour. This is a must do and draws in 35,000 cyclists from all over the country. I know longer ride the Farmlands. My cycling buddies have since moved on, I no longer ride centuries and I see no reason to spend money to ride on roads I ride every day for free Gatorade and granola.  Since 911 heightened security and added restraints has made the NYC 5 Boro Tour more hassle than it's worth. I have done the 5 Boro more than a dozen times. I am fortunate to have shared a few of those rides with my children. An experience we will always remember. I will forego tomorrows ride in favor of celebrating the 5th birthday of my grandson Jesse.  I did not ride my century or metric but I am pleased with my 58 mile ride on this spectacular day. I am very happy for the people enjoying these 2 great events on such beautiful days.

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