Friday, May 24, 2013


I have never been quite sure about the fairing on my Greenway.  I never really felt any aerodynamic effects. After all there is nothing aerodynamic about the Greenway. The fairing was too far forward to give me any weather protection and seemed to hinder my forward field of vision,. It did offer wind protection for my hands but not enough reason to keep it. The Greenway can spin on it's axis but the pedals would hit the fairing. Outside of the aesthetic cool factor it offered no real benefit like I get on my ICE T and Stratus fairings. It is for those reasons that I finally decided to sell it. It is going on a Tour Easy which is the one bike this fairing was made for.
What better way to say goodbye than to carry the fairing on my Greenway to the post office. The weather was ugly but I thought I could get another 15 miles in before the heavy rains started. After all I wanted to see how the trike felt without the fairing. I stopped along the way to make some minor adjustments to the handlebars. The winds picked up, the temperature dropped and it rained on and off. I was smart enough to bring my Frogg Togg rain jacket. Riding a trike in bad weather is much safer and easier than a 2 wheeler. It's massive road presence and newly found field of vision made it seem less cumbersome. Maneuvering around pedestrians at the shopping centers much easier. All seems right.

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