Saturday, December 19, 2015

Minor Alterations

Many trike and recumbent riders detest chain tubes and opt to replace them with idlers. They say not only are they noisy but increase drag on the chain. Manufactures put chain tubes on to manage the 2 1/2 lengths of unruly chain. To be honest for the last 10 years they never bothered me on my ICE T. So why with my increased age related hearing loss do they bother me now, I don't know. I decided to remove the top front tube on the power side. There was an immediate quiet and a smoother pedal stroke. I didn't want to think this was mind over matter so I decided to ride a few weeks to verify the benefit. After all I had no problem with them for 10 years. I was also concerned about getting grease on my pants but that seemed to be a non issue. With the noticeable difference with just the top tube gone I decided to cut and remove the front lower return tube.  The rear 2 tubes will have to stay as they keep the chain from hitting the frame. After a couple of days of rain I was finally able to get out for a test ride.  Today's ride was cold, mid 30's and windy. I had to darn all my Winter gear. After only 22 miles I was ready to get back to my warm home.
Homemade trike stand for maintenance

New cassette and chain

Very cold!

Sunny and beautiful but cold!

Front tubes gone

Rear tubes remain

The verdict, I like it!

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