Friday, December 25, 2015

Technical Difficulties

Sometimes I just can't leave well enough alone. Such was the case yesterday when I decided to adjust a tic in my rear derailer. Well 4 hours later after changing out my whole drive train a number of times, I finally gave up after making things worse. My trike is now unrideable and I will have to take it to my LBS for his expertise. Being Christmas Holiday it will have to wait a couple of days.
The weather has been unusually warm, yesterday high 72 and today, Christmas 66. Although quite cloudy there was no forecast of rain until late and winds were under 5 mph. Since I don't celebrate Christmas and my wife was working I was not going to let this balmy December day go without a good ride.  Shorts and a light long sleeve shirt was all that was needed. I aired up the tires on my Fuji, lubed the chain, attached my Tailrider bag with an extra tube and pump and off I went.
I wasn't sure how many miles I would or could do but 25 was to be my minimum. It was light traffic due to the holiday and I was moving along pretty good. I made a few stops to rest my butt, take pics and post to FB. After all was said and done it was 38 pleasant miles.
Quick stop at atm

18 mile rest stop

Helmet hair!
Update, After an hour at LBS it was determined the rear cable housing was bad. Closer examination showed it was worn through and cracked, compressing the cable. All is good again.

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