Thursday, October 21, 2010

Great Long Sleeve Shirt

I have a few Sporthill Infuzion shirts that I swear by.  Unfortunately, they are a bit expensive and work best in colder weather.  Now that the temps are a moderate 50-60 I needed some less expensive long sleeve wicking shirts.  I found such shirts at Target for around $15.  They are made by Champion using their Duo-Dry fabric.  These shirts have a great true to size fit, are extremely comfortable and can be used alone or as a base layer.  I even got 2 thumbs up from my son on style.  I am obviously no model but these pix give some idea of fit and style. 


jeek said...

That plant looks like it could do with some water!!

Marty said...

It's an Aloe plant and is over watered. Not a good spot either.
Thanks for noticing.