Saturday, October 30, 2010


Back in April I did a story on cycling caps.  Walz caps and Pace caps.  At the time, I felt the Pace cap was a better fit for me.  6 months later I am now on my 3 rd Walz cap.  I gave up on cotton and purchased wool.  The wool cap is so much more comfortable, soft and has better wicking.  It is great alone or under a helmet.  I recently received an email notification from Walz. They have had tremendous interest in their caps with ear flaps and have added a few new designs.  Now that the weather is turning colder I thought I might try one.  I bought the plaid one as can be seen in the photos.  At first, I questioned my choice, thought it might be too dorky, and should have gone with safe black.  When I got it I was quite impressed and my wife liked it too.  The ear flaps are formed and have elastic to create a nice comfortable fit.  You do look a bit dorky, but that is the price you pay for comfort and necessity.  You are also able to fold in the flaps and it looks and feels like a regular cap. Today was a perfect day to try out my new Walz cap with ear flaps.  Temps started in the mid 30's and finished at 40 after 30 miles.  The one benefit to the cap I did not realize was, the ear flaps continue around the back.  It places the rear of the cap at your hair line.  This with the elastic keeps everything snug and the back of your neck and ears covered and warm.  A great addition to my cycling clothes. 


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