Friday, October 22, 2010

Radical Alfa ICE Side Pods.

This has to be my favorite accessory on my trike.  It holds 25 liters, does not require a rack and weights about 1 lb.  Since I do many utility miles, it is important to always have available space to carry items.  These bags have served me well for the past 4 1/2 yrs.  They are by no means water proof or even resistant but they have held up well and carried more than their share of weight and volume.  I used these bags for my 2 day tour on the Pine Creek Trail.  They also help fill that void behind the seat on a trike.  This makes them well suited as a second pannier for those extended self contained tours.  You just have to make sure you secure your items in water proof bags.  The one major problem is price.  They run from $110-$175 depending where you buy.  This seems to be the norm on most recumbent specific products.  I paid about $100 and was a bit disappointed when I opened the light and flat package, especially compared to my other bags.  Sometimes it's a test of time to see what works best.  For me this was a great decision.

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