Thursday, October 7, 2010

It's That Time Again

Fall has slowly arrived and that means it's time to install my Screamer Fairing. Having rained for the past few days gave me the perfect opportunity. Temps predicted in the mid to upper 60's did not warrant immediate installation of the fairing, but, the 15 plus mph winds did. It's not that the fairing makes me faster as it does not. It does help cut through the wind therefore making pedaling against it easier. In the freezing temps it does help in keeping my feet warmer, but you still have to dress appropriately. It is like driving your car without heat with the windows closed instead of open. It's still cold but the wind is not biting at you. It is difficult to get on and off the trike and it loses any transportability but for me the benefits far out way any inconvenience. It adds minimal weight, is great eye candy, and most of all allows me to,

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