Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bicycling Magazine

As a member of The League of American Bicyclists you get 1 year free subscription to Bicycling Magazine.  I had stopped my subscription well over 8 years ago as I found little of interest for me.  I just received 2 copies and decided to read the January/February issue last night.  It consisted of 96 pages not including the front and back cover.  Pages 1-9 table of contents and advertisements, about 10%.  39 of the 96 pages were full page ads, about 40%.  There were a total of 15 articles which amounted to about 15.5% of the total magazine.
The best article for me was Solutions to Maintenance Issues.  I did learn you can check chain wear from putting it on the small chain ring and rocking.  Most other maintenance issues were basic knowledge for experienced cyclists.  The magazine does cater more to the Hammerhead type.  Train Smarter, Climb Stronger, The Ultimate 5 Minute Winter Workout and Breakfast for Cyclists.  There is a 5 page article on Puerto Rico by Bike.  After spending less than an hour reading this issue I realized why I no longer subscribe.  Too bad it's nice holding a paper in you hand as opposed to a computer screen.  I guess at the promotional rate of $1 an issue including shipping you can't go wrong.  For me it offers little of interest.
Just my $.02

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Big Oak said...

I agree, I had a gift subscription last year and after the first issue I realized I would not renew. But the magazine is not for folks like you and I, it is for young up and coming's who want to be racers.