Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Registration for Bicycles in New Jersey

ASSEMBLY, No. 3657
Assemblywoman  CLEOPATRA G. TUCKER

This bill would require bicycles ridden on public highways or lands to be registered with the Motor Vehicle Commission and display license plates. Bicycle registrations would be valid for two years, and the commission could charge up to $10 as an annual registration fee to defray the costs of the program. The bill specifies that if the owner of a bicycle is under 15 years of age, the owners parent or guardian may register it in their stead.
Under the bill, a person who violates any of the bicycle registration provisions would be subject to a fine up to $100 for each offense. In addition, the bill authorizes the chief administrator to suspend or revoke a bicycle registration for any violation of the laws, rules, or regulations regarding their operation.
It seems Assemblywoman  CLEOPATRA G. TUCKER has nothing better to do but impose a sneaky tax on cyclists by proposing a registration for bicycles in the State of NJ.  Why doesn't she spend the time encouraging cycling as a cost effective, energy saving and healthy means of transportation.

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