Monday, January 10, 2011

Rocket Upgrades

It's been difficult trying to tweak the Rocket as the weather has not been cooperating.  We have had a lot of snow and there is more to come tomorrow.  I didn't pay a lot for the bike and I don't want to over invest.  I need to get some serious riding in so I can see what I like and what might need to be changed.  I cleaned it up a bit, changed the hand grips, replaced a brake cable and housing, changed out the rear cassette to a 11/32(nice spacing) and just added a upper chain tube.  It is so nice not worrying about grease stains.  I just took it for a short spin around the block a few times.  Everything worked fine.  I could feel my leg hitting the chain tube at times, but no worry of tattoos or grease on clothes.  I also did not feel any added drag.  I run with the original chain tubes on my trike and would not ride without them.  I also ordered a Arkel Recumbent Seat Bag  which should be here any day.  I don't want to add any fenders or racks and this bag seemed just right for carrying tools and shedding clothes. 
I am going a little stir crazy with the weather.  Too many icy patches for 2 wheels.  The trike is generally perfect for these conditions but the roads have not been fully cleared, leaving little shoulder room.
Hoping to

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