Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Winter Blues

This year has started off very tough for cycling.  The weather has not cooperated with sub freezing temps and snow.  I was not even able to do my birthday miles.  I had a 2 day window of doable weather to ride but, unfortunately, I came down with a severe cold that left me house bound for quite a few days.  Since then nothing but more cold, wind, snow, and freezing rain.  Today the sun peaked out in the afternoon and temps were below freezing.  I had enough and decided to take the Rocket out for a quick 16 miler.  After not riding for 2 weeks I found myself way out of shape.  The never ending snow is melting leaving rivers of water.  I may end up putting fenders on the Rocket.  After returning home and cleaning up the bike and myself, I was glad I had the opportunity to get out.  Tomorrow the weather again begins to change and more snow and colder temps are predicted.  If not for other commitments, I would be heading south for a bicycle retreat.

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