Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Going Postal

Today was triple digits and HHH. I ventured out for what was to be a 26 mile ride armed with only 750 ml of water and my phone. After listening to weather reports and how dangerous it is to be outside, I was concerned about doing this ride. My daughter-in-law asked me how I ride in this weather. I just smiled. If it's not raining it is a good day for a ride. Single digits to triple digits is OK for me. I am getting older and was a bit skeptical about how smart it is to be riding in such heat. I am a cycling nut so I went for it and decided if things were too bad I would just do an easy 16 mi loop. When I first headed out I was a bit overwhelmed by the heat. I then just took my time with the attitude of slow and steady wins the race. At the 5 mile mark for my short route turn off I stopped, had a drink, and decided to go for it. I am sort of a camel but decided it would be much smarter if I stopped more frequently for shaded drink stops. Needless to say there were no other cyclists out and less traffic than usual. There was calmness in the air. I am a cycling junkie who has to watch his insanity in order to;

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