Sunday, July 4, 2010

No Weight Weenie Here

I recently read an article from Bryan Ball of Bentrideronline. He talked about becoming one of those geeks who has all the extra bling on their bikes. He was reviewing an HPV Scorpion fs(full suspension) trike. He bought it with all the bells and whistles. Total weight 44lbs before he added his own accessories. He loved it even though it was heavy and refused to reweigh it after his add-ons.
I have been doing a great deal of riding and I keep track of my mileage and average speed. I have been averaging about 10mph. I thought I should be averaging more as that is the same as my winter rides. For sh_ts and giggles, I decided to weight my trike today. It weights a whopping 50lbs. 4 lbs is my Radical Pod bags and contents. Additional weight is due to fenders, lights, batteries, speakers, Ipod, mirrors and extensions and heavy pedals. All these items are necessities for me and complement my riding style. I will not change a thing. So now I know what slows me down and I don't care.
Just a note, I am in the market for a short wheel base bike that I can use for faster club rides and convenience when riding with other non bent riders. This bike will be bare bones and have only a computer and small bag for flat tire repairs.

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