Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Can't Take It Anymore

This years Winter Blues have really gotten to me.  I have only been on my bike 3 times since the first of the year.  I need someting to cling to and keep me going through these toughest of times.  My 1st act of passion was to register for GOBA.  This is a 7 day ride in Ohio with about 3,000 cyclists.  I have done this ride twice.  It is well organized, relatively inexpensive and I have made a lot of great friends.  The weather is usually good and the routes are casually paced with many rest stops.  This ride starts at the end of June so I needed something sooner to keep me going.  Today I registered for BikeFlorida.  This is another 7 day tour that begins March 26.  It also is well organized, relatively inexpensive and hosts up to 1,000 riders.  I too have done this event twice.  I stopped going on this ride as it is early in the season and the rides generally run more north.  It tends to be a bit chilly sleeping in a tent and doesn't warm up to the 70's until about 10 am.  Being a 2 day and 1000 mile drive for me it didn't make much sense driving all that way and still be cold.  With all this snow and cold weather those temps seem pretty good.  I am better prepared for those cooler temps in Florida than I was before.  I will take warmer clothes for the nights and bring some shedding clothes for the spring like temps in the day.  It's been years since I have done these event rides and I am looking forward to leaving my cares and woes at home and just enjoying the ride.

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Big Oak said...

I understand the blues - you folks have been hammered with snow this year. Remember, tomorrow is one day closer to spring!