Saturday, February 12, 2011

Finally Rode My Trike Today

With temps beginning to thaw and road shoulders clearing I decided it was time to take my trusted steed for a spin.  I have been off to a slow start with only 8 rides and just under 200 miles for the year.  I thought it might be a sloppy ride as the temps were to be in the upper 30's.  My concerns were unfounded.  Low lying clouds and winds over 20 mph prevented any quick melting.  I did the same oval loop I did yesterday with my Rocket.  Half the ride into the wind the other half at my back.  I was 0.4 mph slower on the trike than my Rocket.  I guess the fairing really helps with those head winds.  Anyway, it  was a real joy to get back out there on my trike.  The Rocket is a nice re-addition to my stable and all my bikes have their place, but my ICE T remains my favorite.

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