Thursday, February 24, 2011

15,000 Miles On My ICE T

I purchased the trike in June of 06 from Hugh of PBW bikes in California.  It is now just short of 5 years and I have hit the 15k mark.  Over 5300 miles was done last year alone.  This has worked out to be a fantastic purchase and remains my favorite ride in my stable.  The trike rides like the day I got it requiring mostly maintenance.  There were a few unique requirements that both Hugh at PBW and ICE graciously helped me with at little or no charge.  One thing in particular recently was while doing routine maintenance on my home made stand.  The wind blew my trike off the stand.  It turned out the only damage was a bent axle hub bolt.  The wheel that Hugh rebuilt for me at a cost of parts and shipping only remained true.  ICE graciously sent me a new bolt at no charge.  You can't beat that.
I did have a Rans Stratus with over 20k miles that I sold which also stood the test. 
To me these well developed Bent Manufactures are providing quality products with personal service.

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