Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday

The Gods have smiled upon me today.  The warm wet rains of yesterday helped reduce the mountains of snow.  Today brought warm temps in the upper 30's and plenty of sunshine.  I managed to get in a 32 miler on one of my favorite routes.  Although I so desperately want to ride my trike I dare not.  The roads are still not fully open and melting snow has created rivers.  The Rocket is still the bike of choice for now.  It's nimble handling allows me to maneuver around pot holes and gives me that little extra space between cars.  It's higher seating helps keep me drier.  I am very happy I installed the rear fender and will probably add a front one also.  The Rocket makes for a great commuter and fowl weather bike and has many other great attributes.  Some of the reasons I regretted selling mine in the first place.  I still have some ideas and tweaking I want to do, but need some better weather to proceed. 
I have registered for BikeFL and will be taking my ICE T.
My ride today was like getting back in the saddle.  I finally broke 100 miles for the year.  Slow and steady wins the race.

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