Friday, February 4, 2011

I Finally Did IT

I was finally able to get out today for a 22 mile ride.  Temps were supposed to be in the low to mid 30's.  After painting the kitchen I had more errands to run.  I finished up about 12:30 and decided the temps would be as warm as they were going to get.  Although ice patches make taking the trike better, I decided because of the high snow banks and minimal shoulders that it would be better to take the Rocket.  Sitting up higher and having a better line of sight for both me and drivers seemed like the safer way to go.  I had decided I wouldn't put fenders on the Rocket, but, after my last wet ride and cleaning off my new bag, back and bike, I changed my mind.  I had an old rear fender and adapted it to my Rocket.  To my surprise in spite of the warmer temps, I found few puddles.  There was still quite a lot of ice patches and the snow had a glistening hard sheen.  I suspect even though the temps were above freezing the cold coming off the existing snow made it colder.  Having said all that, I must point out, that I am not a cold weather weeny.  It is the massive amounts of snow that has made cycling impossible for this enthusiast.  I am hoping that we will get rain instead of snow so some of this will melt away.  One can only hope. 

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