Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Emergency Repair Items Added

After my disasterest broken chain event last Monday, I decided to add a few items to carry in case of emergency field repairs.  The items  I added are 3 pair vinyl gloves, for obvious reasons.  Two sets of Sram Master links for quick chain reattachment.  Two pieces of coat hanger wire to hold the chain together while I make link repairs.  A small chain tool which I always carried, but, hoped I would never have to use.  I posted my Murphy's Law Day on BROL and got lots of feedback.  Besides the gloves, which was obvious,  the coat hanger to hold the chain together like a 3 rd hand seems ingenious.  Having a chain tool and making repairs off the bike is easy.  Using a Master Link to reattach the chain on the bike is much easier than using the chain tool.  The added items account for minimal weight and should serve as a quicker and easier chain repair both in the field and at home.

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