Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Adventure Cycling


Today was one of those days I wanted to get out and explore.   In my earlier years I use to ride with a friend and it seemed like all roads led to Allentown. I new a round trip ride would be approximately 50 miles.  I took a direct but scenic route and thought I would explore different roads on the return trip.  The weather was just too fine and I decided why not go to Bordentown. It is a very old, quaint and most importantly a revitalized town, with modern restaurants, shops and renovated town houses.  It had been many years since I road out there and I was not 100% sure how to get there.  I found some event markings on the road and followed them eventually getting me into town.  I continued to follow those markings for the ride back when I found myself back on the route that took me there.  I turned off on some vaguely familiar road.  Things were starting to come back to me and I was feeling the adventure in cycling I remembered.  I came across another cyclist who waved me down.  He was curious about my trike and was amazed at my intended mileage.  We talked for a while and as he road off on his nice Trek road bike, I noticed he was wearing regular hiking shorts, sneakers and regular pedals.  He was just out enjoying this beautiful day on his bike.  I smiled and continued on my way through back roads I almost forgot.  50 miles into the ride I saw a familiar wave.  It was my wife on her way to Allentown to see a client.  The last 20 miles were on very familiar roads as I was getting tired.  70 miles total for what was an outstanding cycling day.

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